5 Ways Dental Implants Will Improve Your Life

Dr. Jennifer Schau strongly recommends dental implants to her patients with missing, badly decayed and damaged teeth. These artificial teeth look and act like natural teeth. Unlike dentures, they are a permanent solution, inserted into your jaw just like real teeth.
The Saginaw, MI dental team hears over and over again how implants have changed their patients’ lives for the better. Dental implants aren’t just a cosmetic fix. They actually improve oral health over the long-term. When the work is done by Dr. Schau and team, all with long experience in dental implant treatment, your new teeth are durable and natural looking. Benefits include:

  • Beautiful, natural looking teeth that match the rest of your teeth
  • Support for your jawbone and your facial structure
  • Titanium posts help strengthen your jaw
  • No more gaps to make chewing difficult
  • Better clarity when you speak

Check with your Saginaw, MI dentist to find out how implants can improve your confidence and your oral health. Staff members can explain insurance and payment options.