Five Things to Let Your Family Dentist Know During Routine Visits

Keeping up with your routine visits is one of the most effective ways to maintain good oral health. When you visit family dentist Dr. Jennifer Schau regularly, it is easier for her to detect changes or possible problems early on. Finding a cavity or other issue early is key to effective treatment. There are a […]

Is it Safe to go to the Dentist During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

covid-19 mask

Dr. Schau and team are continuing to provide dental healthcare during the pandemic. The American Dental Association (ADA) has provided recommendations, and we are following these strictly as we continue to provide emergency and case-by-case dental care providing you do not have symptoms such as a fever, shortness of breath, or a persistent cough. What […]

Tips for Oral Care During Cold and Flu Season

girl with a cold

It’s that time of year everyone dreads, cold and flu season. If you or someone in your house gets sick the first objective is to help them feel better as soon as possible. Honestly, it’s probably not your teeth you are worried about. But cold and flu season can present some real problems for your […]

The Link Between Obesity and Oral Health

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Obesity and Oral Health  Obesity rates around the globe are getting worse. Many governmental agencies are trying to find ways to reduce the rates and help people live healthier lives. But recently, studies have revealed a connection between obesity and oral health. You might not think there’s a connection between these two conditions, but scientists […]

Drinking Water and Your Oral Health

lady drinking fresh water

When you think about taking care of your body, chances are drinking enough water is high on your list. But did you know that drinking water helps your dental health, too? That’s especially true if your water is fluoridated. Your Saginaw, MI dentist, Dr. Schau, and team want to help you keep your mouth healthy, […]

Pneumonia and Oral Health: Is There a Link?

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] Did you know that there’s a link between poor oral health and pneumonia? Taking proper care of your teeth and gums and going to the dentist twice a year can do more than just prevent cavities and keep your teeth bright: it can also impact other areas of your health. This can […]

Cancer, Periodontitis, and Your Oral Health

Periodontitis, or gum disease, has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Now, there’s evidence that periodontitis is linked to cancer mortality. The bacteria associated with periodontitis, which inflames the tissue around the teeth, can affect the onset of cancer. Dr. Schau and team want to help you take care of your teeth for your […]

Your Teething Baby May Also Have a Cold

When your child is uncomfortable, it can be worrisome. Young children start teething about the age of 6 months and have a set of 20 teeth by the time they’re 30 months. The process can cause discomfort for about a week, three or four days before the tooth comes in and about three days after […]

Calcium and Vitamin D for Healthy Smiles

Your Saginaw dental team wants your teeth to last for a long time, and after a recent study showing the benefits of adequate calcium and vitamin D intake, may recommend you take supplements, especially if you’re deficient. Calcium is an important mineral that is used in the formation of strong bones and teeth. An adequate […]

Preventing Opioid Abuse in the U.S.

ADA and Saginaw, MI dental team ready to help those who need a hand In 2016, around 42,000 users of opioids tragically passed away, mainly due to overuse and overdose. Since then, the ADA, local organizations, and dental practices like Dr. Schau and team across the U.S. have worked side-by-side to better inform dentists everywhere […]