So What’s the Point in Flossing?

You may have heard your Saginaw dentist recommend flossing once a day, possibly more than once. Although most Americans know they should floss, only about one-third of them actually do.

What does flossing do?

When you floss, you remove the tiny particles of food that get between your teeth. Over time, this debris causes bacteria in your mouth and produces plaque, a sticky substance that turns into tartar. Tartar is the hard substance that is difficult to remove and leads to tooth decay and loss. Flossing helps prevent all that because it helps keep plaque from forming in the first place, keeping your teeth and gums strong and healthy.

When to floss?

Choosing to floss before or after you brush is your personal preference. Ask your Saginaw dental team for the most effective methods of flossing. The important thing is that you take the time to protect your teeth.Dr. Schau and team want to help you take care of your mouth. Make an appointment today to discuss your oral health needs and concerns. Present the best you with a beautiful smile!

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