What is Botox For TMJ?

Botox is a treatment for patients seeking a solution to jaw pain and discomfort as well as headaches caused clenching and grinding.

Botox is composted of a botulinum toxin which is a neurotoxic protein. This protein relaxes the muscles, and in turn reduces the effects of clenching and grinding. Botox can provide results quickly, and is minimally invasive. Botox is typically used to treat the muscles of the jaw, forehead, and temples.

Why is Botox Treatment For TMD/TMJ needed?

Botox takes up to a week to notice results. The results from Botox are temporary, and can last between 3-6 months.  Multiple treatments are required to keep up with your Botox in order to maintain the desired results.

What Are the Benefits of Botox?

  • Patients have little to no downtime after treatment
  • Sessions are minimally invasive and quick
  • Botox produces amazing results
  • Treatment plans are customized for each patient

What to Expect during my Botox treatment?

There is no preparation needed for Botox, and the process is minimally invasive and quick. The Botox is diluted and injected into the facial neuromuscular tissue. This helps to relax the facial muscles and relieve the soreness and discomfort caused by clenching and grinding.

Typically, Botox takes between 1-2 weeks to take effect, however patients can notice some results 5-7 days after their treatment. Patients may experience slight swelling or bruising around the injection site, but this should subside after a few days.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Botox?

Botox may be an option for patients who suffer from jaw pain and soreness or tension headaches that are not resolved with other forms of treatment or who cannot tolerate a traditional bite splint. Our detailed consultation process will take a look at your medical history, and determine what treatment plan is right for you.

Interested in finding out more about Botox For TMJ?

If you are having jaw pain or discomfort and believe you could benefit from Botox treatment, Contact Jennifer Schau, DDS to schedule your consultation. Our staff will be happy to assist you!

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