The Connection Between Kidney Disease and Bad Breath

March is National Kidney Month, making it a great time to enhance your knowledge of your kidney health! Thousands of people suffer from kidney disease and do not realize they may also be subject to oral complications, such as infections and other health issues. In fact, one’s oral health status can be a reliable indicator of renal infections. Physicians often diagnose renal disease largely on the basis of this oral-systemic connection. Here are more reasons to become aware of this connection:

How Kidney Disease Can Affect Your Oral Health

A common oral symptom associated with kidney disease is bad breath, also known as halitosis. Many experience this side effect because of excessive urea in the bloodstream. Healthy kidneys filter out urea. When they are unable to do so, the excess, creates a foul odor.

Other Side Effects

Bad breath and oral issues are often only the beginning. Gum disease may also present, leading to the decay and loss of teeth. In addition, because patients with renal disease cannot adequately absorb calcium, the result can be the destruction of bone mass in the jaw.

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While monitoring blood pressure and urine composition, and controlling one’s sugar intake can help, it is best to get checked by a trusted medical professional. So start taking steps to ensuring your health today!

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