Traditional braces are a system of brackets and archwires which are typically made of stainless steel or nickel titanium. The metal brackets are bonded to each individual tooth and the archwire is placed into the brackets. The archwire is a stainless steel or nickel titanium wire that applies the pressure needed to move the teeth. Once every month or two, your braces will need adjusting. Usually, this is a simple process of changing the archwire. Additionally, elastics may be used during treatment to assist with more complex movements needed to correct the malocclusion.

Frequently children need a palatal expander to assist in the shaping of the arch. After the expansion has occurred, usually braces or Invisalign are needed to help align all the teeth and create the optimal occlusion.

Dr. Schau has over 13 years of experience providing traditional braces for her practice. Please call us for a free consultation to find out if braces or Invisalign are right for you.

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