Oral Cancer Screening

The staggering statistics acquired by the Oral Cancer foundation show that 36,000 individuals are affected by oral cancer every year. This disease claims over 8,000 lives annually, and new techniques have been developed for early detection and diagnosis. One of the most effective tools is VELscope which is typically used in conjunction with the traditional soft tissue exam of the oral region.

VELscope allows the dental professional to view the contrast between healthy and abnormal tissues in the mouth. This visualization technology is based on the use of special filters which penetrate through the epithelium detecting any uncharacteristic lesions and growths. The procedure is often incorporated within any routine prophylactic cleanings. It can be completed within minutes, is non-invasive and offers the dental provider with an opportunity for proper diagnosis of existing oral conditions.

Many patients benefit from examinations performed with VELscope. Routine extra-oral evaluations of the head and neck areas as well as intra-oral assessments of present conditions assures that any abnormalities are detected in their early stages and are treated accordingly. Oral mucosa screenings are now easier to implement and ensure correct detection of any pre-cancer and cancerous lesions.

VELscope benefits both patients and clinicians. Our patients are provided with the highest quality of care, and our dental providers are truly excited about utilizing this optimal technology to ensure the patient’s safety and wellbeing. Any viral and bacterial anomalies will be most likely discovered before they become life-threatening. Salivary gland tumors and inflammations caused by various agents are noticed and treated with appropriate methods of therapy. Should you have any concerns about your oral health, you are encouraged to schedule your appointment today with Dr. Jennifer Schau.

VELscope Mechanism of Action

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