Teeth Whitening

The most common and cost-effective cosmetic procedure is dental bleaching. Over time, our teeth become less white due to physiological changes that occur with aging and our eating habits such as drinking coffee or red wine. When you think of a beautiful smile, it is also usually a white one. The good news is that we can easily help you brighten your smile with in-office bleaching or our professional strength at-home bleaching kits. Before you begin a bleaching regimen, you should always ask your dentist to make sure that your teeth are good candidates for bleaching. Concerns such as sensitivity and the color of the stain need to be evaluated before undergoing any bleaching process.

If you are a candidate for bleaching, the most powerful method of bleaching is in-office bleaching and it also delivers the best results. In-office bleaching utilizes a much stronger bleaching agent than even our professional-strength at-home kits provide. Because this bleaching agent is so strong, we must take care to protect your gums and soft tissues from coming into contact with the bleach during the 30 minute session.

Once your mouth is ready, we will apply the bleaching agent to the teeth and use a special light to intensify the whitening results. After an in-office bleaching has been performed, most patients can then utilize one of our professional at-home bleaching systems to maintain the results every 6 months.

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