Dental Crowns

Minor dental defects and staining can be easily corrected with the application of tooth-colored materials such as composite. When most of the tooth structure is compromised or missing, a crown is the most effective way to replace the impaired dentition.

A crown can be placed within both anterior and posterior regions of the mouth, and is fabricated using sturdy materials expected to last 10 – 30 years, depending upon the patient’s health history and oral habits. Once it is established that the patient is a good candidate for crown placement, initial impressions are taken, along with preparation of the tooth for the delivery of THE crown. The tooth structure is reduced or built-up with core materials to create a strong foundation.

A temporary acrylic crown may be fabricated, while the permanent crown is manufactured by our lab technician. The transient crown serves as a temporary prosthetic to alleviate any sensitivity and overgrowth of the surrounding soft tissue. It also allows the patient to chew and speak properly without undue impact on daily activities. A subsequent appointment is scheduled for the delivery of the permanent crown, which is then placed using a durable dental cement to ensure lasting results. Call Dr. Schau today to learn more about this and other restorative options for an even better smile and oral health.

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