ADA develops new dental standards on teeth whitening

New dental standards have been developed for dentists who whiten their patients’ teeth. In January the American National Standards Institute developed ANSI/ADA Standard No. 136, which establishes requirements for teeth bleaching procedures to keep the American population safe when they want to brighten their teeth.
Several entities such as dental professionals, whitening manufacturers, the American Dental Association and other research facilities worked in combination to develop these standards. Increasing use of bleaching products led the group to take a closer look at bleaching practices over a few years to regulate the safety of the treatments for whitening procedures. Some of the aspects of teeth whitening procedures that were monitored were:
• The safety of the product.
• Enamel safety.
• Safety of restoration.
• Safety of the soft tissue around the teeth.
• Appropriate instructions for whitening product use.
• Toxicity of using the product.
To read more about the subject of teeth whitening safety standards, please see Standard No. 136 at:
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