Benefits of Sealants

While brushing your teeth and flossing are certainly some of the best ways to keep cavities from forming, sometimes pesky little areas in the crevices of teeth can go untouched for months. This is particularly true of the molars, the teeth located farther back in the mouth that are used to chew and break down food. Since they’re large and rough, scraps of food and the bacteria associated with that food find convenient areas to stick and cause cavities.
Fortunately, there’s a secondary method to prevent cavities that dentists have fine-tuned over the years. Sealants, which are non-noticeable protective coatings, stick to the rough surface of your molars and make food less prone to stick. These sealants can certainly help keep those cavities at bay.
Sealants are attracting the attention of more and more citizens nationally. In fact, the CDC recently released a report emphasizing the importance of brushing, flossing, and even investing in sealants to keep teeth as healthy as possible.