Calcium and Vitamin D for Healthy Smiles

Your Saginaw dental team wants your teeth to last for a long time, and after a recent study showing the benefits of adequate calcium and vitamin D intake, may recommend you take supplements, especially if you’re deficient. Calcium is an important mineral that is used in the formation of strong bones and teeth. An adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D increases the likelihood of retaining bone density and strength even as you age. By extension, the jaw bone could also be affected and consequently result in a retaining of teeth especially in elders, when tooth loss can be an issue.

Causes of Calcium and Vitamin D Deficiency

The risk of calcium deficiency increases with age, with poor absorption of calcium and synthesis of vitamin D through your skin. Other risk factors include medication and dietary intolerance to sources of the compounds such as dairy products.

Calcium and vitamin D Synergy

Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium. In cases were dietary sources are limited, Dr. Schau and your Saginaw, MI dental team advise that you consider calcium and vitamin D supplements.
Nevertheless, Dr. Jennifer Schau stresses that brushing and flossing your teeth with a periodic appointment with your Saginaw, MI dentist is still by far the best way to reduce the risk of cavities and teeth loss.

If you need to come in for your biannual checkup, or want to explore ways to take care of your teeth that work for you as you age, be sure to drop by our Saginaw office for a consultation.