Dental Caries and Salivary Studies

Among most common issues researchers have been concerned with recently are periodontal diseases. The first step in doing research is gathering evidence from various case reports. Then, we may better understand those affected and what types of diagnostic methods may be effective.
Most often, case reports are used to study dental caries; there is also much research published in “Oral Health and Dental Management”. In both India and the United States authors have produced work of high quality regarding the field of periodontitis and periodontal programs in the United States.
Recently, workers in salivary research are developing diagnostic tools to monitor oral and systemic disease, and salivary studies are becoming more common. When forming a clinical diagnosis, saliva seems to have advantages over serum. “Oral Health and Dental Management” has published several articles detailing these observations. We expect the upcoming issue to also contain some high quality articles on the subject of salivary studies.
Dr. Jennifer Schau, DDS is an experienced Saginaw dentist.