Do you Suffer from Dragons Breath?

Your breath quality is surprisingly important and integral to the quality of your daily life. According to the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, the causative factors of oral malodor can be either pathological and non-pathological.
Dr. Jennifer Schau in Saginaw, MI further elaborates that causative agent can either be oral based or non-oral based. Not surprisingly, more than 90 percent of halitosis cases are oral based.
Non-oral sources
Only 9% of halitosis cases are non-oral in nature, and their causes include respiratory and gastrointestinal malfunctions, prescription drugs, and diet. Fasting and some medications can result in low saliva secretions, which lead to the build-up of foul causing bacteria in the mouth.
Mind the odors of what is on your plate as well, since what you put in your mouth is also likely to be exhaled. Many of us associate onions and garlic as common culprits of bad breath.
Oral sources
Despite the common association of halitosis with foods you’ve recently eaten, the majority of our patients’ issues with halitosis originate from oral health sources. Poor dental hygiene, periodontal diseases, tooth decay, and throat infections are some of the most documented causes of bad breath. Fortunately, all of these conditions are easily treated by Dr. Schau and her Saginaw dental team. Schedule your next cleaning and examination today, and get to the root of that bad breath before it affects your personal life and confidence!