1. Produces Positive Results

Scientific evidence has shown for decades that water fluoridation is harmless and beneficial. The World Health Organization, American Dental Association, and numerous other reputable health groups approve of water fluoridation.

2. Fluoride is a Naturally-Occurring Substance

The process of fluoridation enhances water with a substance that occurs in water supplies naturally.

3. Responsible for tooth decay prevention

Children without the benefit of fluoridation in their water have a three times greater likelihood of needing dental surgery.

4. Cost-efficiency

Investing in water supply fluoridation saves communities money in the long run by helping to prevent dental insurance rate hikes.

5. Responsible for cavity prevention

Without fluoridation, adults and children alike are at least one fourth more likely to suffer from tooth decay that can lead to the formation of dental caries. Fluoride in toothpaste has not proven to be an adequate substitute for proper water supply. fluoridation.

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