How Can Permanent Dentures Benefit You?

People often lose teeth due to accidents, decay, or disease. If you are missing teeth, no matter what the reason, you can benefit from dentures. Thanks to modern dental technology, permanent dentures are more comfortable and easier to maintain than ever.  Once you get used to the way they feel, you will enjoy all the benefits they can provide. Whether Dr. Schau recommends partial or full dentures, here are some of the many benefits you can experience.

Dentures Improve Your Appearance and Your Smile

You may feel self-conscious if you are missing one or more teeth. You may avoid smiling or laughing freely because of missing teeth. Dentures help you regain confidence in the way you look. Dr. Schau makes them just for you, so your natural smile is restored. You’ll feel free to laugh and smile again.  Today’s dentures come in a variety of shades so they complement your skin tone and look more natural.

Your Saginaw Dentist Custom Makes Your Dentures for You

Dr. Jenifer Schau creates your dentures just for you. This ensures a great fit that allows you to eat and talk comfortably. She will make a mold of your mouth so that a replica of your natural teeth can be made. Because they are made to fit, dentures allow you to eat the foods you love. They also make it much easier to speak and pronounce your words properly. Modern dentures are lightweight and durable.

Dentures are Easy to Maintain

Since dentures are removable, they are easy to maintain. You can clean them daily to keep them free of plaque and bacteria. It is easy to keep your normal daily oral hygiene routine. Remove your dentures. Then clean them using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a special nonabrasive denture cleanser. You will want to make sure to clean the grooves that fit against your gums as well.

Reduce further Oral Health Issues

Missing teeth can increase your risk for some oral health issues such as gum disease. Dentures help restore the function of your natural teeth which can help reduce many of these risks. Also, remaining teeth are often subjected to extra wear and tear. Partial dentures help evenly distribute chewing force across the teeth which help prevent excessive wear and tear.

Dentures Preserve Facial Structure

When teeth are missing, it affects your facial bone structure. Losing bone structure affects the way you look. Dentures help to restore the shape of your face. When Dr. Jennifer Schau designs your dentures, she will take your facial structure and its shape into consideration. Dentures help preserve your facial structure, so you retain the natural look and smile you had before tooth loss.

Dentures are an Affordable Option

One of the most appealing things about dentures is their affordability. The cost will vary depending on how many teeth are being replaced and the type of dentures you need. They are cost-effective when compared to other options such as implants or dental bridges.

 Talk to Your Saginaw Dentist About Dentures Today!

Are you considering full or partial dentures? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Schau. She will discuss your concerns with you and answer your questions about dentures and other possible tooth replacement options that you may be a candidate for. Dr. Schau can restore the aesthetic appeal and the normal function of your smile so you feel more like yourself again!