How Does Getting Dental Implants Work?

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It’s never good to lose a tooth, but it does happen sometimes. Fortunately, there are several solutions for tooth replacement. Choices for replacing missing teeth include getting a dental bridge, full or partial dentures, or dental implants. More people have started choosing implants over dentures since they are a more natural solution. Dr. Schau and the team can discuss your situation with you to help you determine if you are a good candidate for implants. They are not removable fixtures like dentures, instead, they are surgically attached to the jawbone. If you are in good health, have healthy gums and a strong jawbone, you may be an ideal candidate.

Will implants look and feel natural?

One of the main reasons people choose dental implants is that they look more natural, but they also feel more natural. The implant will be attached to the jawbone by a surgical procedure. The post won’t be visible, but it looks sort of like a screw. This replaces the root of the tooth that was lost. The post can be made out of titanium, or an alloy so that it is not likely to cause a reaction when it comes in contact with the gum tissue. Once the customized tooth is placed on the post, it will look like your natural teeth. It will function and feel more like your normal teeth too.

What will the procedure be like?

dental implantOnce your Saginaw, MI dentist determines you are a good candidate for implants, they will discuss the procedure in great detail with you. You’ll be able to ask them any questions you may have at that time. The procedure itself is often done in the dental office. Dr. Jennifer Schau will administer local anesthesia. It will require more than one visit to complete the entire procedure which is usually done in three phases.

  •       Phase 1 – The first phase in the process will involve surgically placing the implant in the jawbone. It will then grow to the jawbone. It will take a little time for healing to become complete. It can take up to three to six months for it to heal completely.
  •       Phase 2 – Once the implant has been placed into the jawbone, the metal post will be attached to it. The post provides stability like a root and will anchor the tooth replacement. In some instances, the dentist can do both of these steps at the same time. For others though, it will be done in two steps.
  •       Phase 3 – In the last phase, once the areas around both the implant and post have healed, the custom made crown will be attached to the post.

What makes implants a good tooth replacement option?

There are several things about dental implants that make them a more popular choice than other tooth replacement options. Some of the main reasons patients choose them include:

  •       More Like Natural Teeth. Once the implants have been placed and healed, they tend to feel more like your natural teeth. This helps a lot when eating and talking. They are the next best thing to your real teeth.
  •       Long-Term Options. When it comes to a long term option, implants have the best track record. Bridges have to be replaced from time to time and usually don’t last more than 10 years. However, dental implants can last for your lifetime given proper care.
  •       Better for Bone Structures. Deterioration of jawbone and facial muscles begins quickly and they can change in shape and diminish in strength over time. Wearing dentures even accelerates the rate of deterioration. Implants, though, help to restore the normal function in the jaw, face, and bones so that bone loss is prevented.

Who Shouldn’t Consider Implants?

There are some instances when the Saginaw, MI dental team may discourage a patient from dental implants. In these cases, other tooth replacement alternatives will be recommended. Pregnant women should not undergo the procedure until after they have had their baby. And those who have either a chronic condition or suffer from immunosuppression shouldn’t have the procedure since they are at risk of developing an infection which could be dangerous for them. Children are not good candidates since their jawbones are still in the developing process. And if you grind your teeth, you may not be a good candidate because it can put too much pressure on the implants.

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