The Importance of Caring for Your Toothbrush

To keep your mouth clean and healthy, daily use of a toothbrush is required. A quality toothbrush promotes good hygiene. It is recommended by the ADA to replace toothbrushes every three to four months.
In the last few years, scientists have investigated to see if toothbrushes might cause infections. The oral cavity is where hundreds of microorganisms live, so it is no surprise to find out some of them could be picked up by a toothbrush. Microorganisms may be also be hiding in the environment where the brush is being stored. Some toothbrushes may already have bacteria on them straight out of the box.
The body is exposed to potentially harmful microbes constantly. In most cases, the body can defend itself from infections. There are many barriers that offer protection from diseases, but there is not enough clinical evidence to prove that bacterial growth from toothbrushes can cause health issues.
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