Maintaining Oral Health

Many people believe that as you age you automatically will lose your natural teeth. This belief may be well-founded since approximately three-fourths of seniors aged 65 and older have lost some of their natural teeth. But it need not be that way!
It is important to keep a close eye on your oral health. In fact, the Pennsylvania Dental Association continues to emphasize the importance of maintaining oral health.
So, what can you do to ensure more of your natural teeth stay with you into old age? Brush all parts of your teeth, including the back. Also, brush your tongue to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, and floss at least once a day.
Get your dental checkup and professional cleaning at least once every six months. Tell your dentist about any medications you’re taking.
Make sure to avoid alcohol, tobacco and an overindulgence in sweet foods and sugary sodas. Talk to your dentist if you’re experiencing dry mouth. Upping your intake of fluids and sugar-free (ideally, xylitol) candy can help to stimulate saliva.
Dentures need to be cleaned after meals. Any changes in the structure or color of your gums should be reported to your dentist immediately.