The Mouth Is the Gateway to the Body

Thank to all the recent TV coverage, you might already know that gum disease is an oral condition with numerous links to overall health.
Gum disease is linked to heart disease, diabetes and other serious health problems. Even Osteoporosis may be linked to gum health. Studies* have shown that Arthritis symptoms abate when gum disease is treated, and other studies even show a connection between being overweight and gum disease. It may be a factor in some pregnancy problems, like low birth weight and premature delivery.
It is clear that, unlike Las Vegas, what happens in the mouth does not stay in the mouth. The number of studies proving this continues to grow, so it only makes sense to take good care of your mouth and practice good oral hygiene so you can enjoy a longer, fuller life.
*A German study published in the Journal of Periodontology showed that people with RA had more gum disease than people without RA — in fact, the RA patients had eight times the odds of developing gum disease.