Preventing Opioid Abuse in the U.S.

ADA and Saginaw, MI dental team ready to help those who need a hand

In 2016, around 42,000 users of opioids tragically passed away, mainly due to overuse and overdose. Since then, the ADA, local organizations, and dental practices like Dr. Schau and team across the U.S. have worked side-by-side to better inform dentists everywhere on ways to prevent abuse, working to offer ongoing courses and further resources on recognizing patients at risk for dependency or abuse as well as guidelines for prescribing non-narcotics as the first option in treating dental pain. Even before 2016, the ADA had already been well at work. It has offered classes to dental professionals on helping to fight the opioids epidemic through preventative practice. These resources have increased, and one can find good help in plenty of places through institutions like the CDC as well as through alliances between organizations like Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, DEA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adminstration, and the US Surgeon General.

Dr. Schau and team

Dr. Jennifer Schau is your local Saginaw, MI dentist who cares about each of her patients. Whether it’s dental health, pain medicine management inquiries, or anything else, she is prepared to help. Call our team today, or stop by for a visit. Your Saginaw dental team wants to make sure you and the broader community have access to compassionate treatment and committed to help fight this ongoing crisis.