Survey Reveals Shortcomings in Oral Health Habits

According to a recent survey performed by Delta Dental, 70 percent of Americans brush their teeth the recommended two times per day. Unfortunately, this leaves three out of ten Americans who don’t either brush only once daily, or not at all.
In the people who brush twice daily, they tend to do it in the morning and before bed. The average brushing session lasted just shy of the two-minute American Dental Association recommendation.
The survey also revealed different brushing habits among different groups. It was found that African Americans brushed for 18 more seconds than average. Meanwhile, on average, young adults brushed about 16 seconds more than older adults. Only 60 percent of survey participants state they brushed first thing in the morning, and 38 percent waited until after breakfast. Another 17 percent brushed following lunch, while 21 percent did so following supper.
That said, the study revealed that nearly one-quarter of people went two days or more before brushing over the last year. Among people between 18 and 24, roughly 37 percent waited that long between brushings. Americans’ flossing habits also need work. A mere 40 percent of people floss once daily, while two out of ten don’t floss at all.