The Risks of Delaying Dental Care

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Regular checkups, along with daily brushing and flossing help keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Many people who have good oral hygiene habits think they can skip their routine exams since they aren’t in any pain. Skipping those in-between appointments with your Saginaw, MI dentist can put you at high risk for serious conditions. Delaying your dental care means your teeth are not under the watchful eye of dental professionals. It’s just an exam, right? Routine checkups allow dentists to discover early signs of gum disease and decay. Treatment can be quick and effective without being extensive. But for those who choose to delay dental exams and preventive dental care, there can be more serious ramifications.

Dental Problems Won’t Just go Away

Like other health issues, dental problems don’t just go away. Instead of being treated, so they don’t cause further problems, they tend to worsen as time goes by. Small cavities left alone will not improve even if you maintain good oral hygiene habits. Once decay has started, it won’t stop on its own. It will take a dental professional to stop the decay and repair a tooth. Trying to treat a problem tooth with DIY home remedies or homeopathic remedies sometimes give an infection time to get worse. If a cavity or infection isn’t caught in time, you can end up needing more invasive and aggressive treatments. Regular checkups with Dr. Schau and team can reveal problems early on so treatment can be swift and effective.

Can’t I wait Until I’m In Pain to Go to the Dentist?

Another argument for delaying dental care is the absence of pain. No doubt, the pain has a way of getting your attention and making you call the dentist. But the lack of pain doesn’t necessarily mean nothing serious is wrong. In some instances, an abscess can damage the nerve. In severe cases such as this, getting dental care is imperative to your health, even though you are not sensing any pain. Regular exams should be scheduled with your Saginaw, MI dental team, whether you have pain or not. Delaying checkups can create a much worse situation for you. If a small cavity is left untreated, decay can spread, even to other teeth. It’s possible for it to worsen to a point you need a root canal and possibly a crown. Plus, other teeth may need repairs. When dental visits are delayed, the treatment often becomes more extensive and invasive and may take more than one visit to complete.

Delaying Dental Care Can Cost You More

By delaying dental treatment and allowing problems to grow worse, treatment options will likely change. Most insurance will cover fillings even if you have small co-pay. More extensive treatment options may or may not be covered, and required co-pays may be more expensive. Your out-of-pocket costs may increase, and it will certainly cost you more time at the dental office. If you do not have insurance, more complex treatments will likely be more of a strain on your budget. Routine visits can prevent many of these complications. They can save your money, your time, and your teeth.

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