What should you know before getting braces for your child?

Sometimes parents are a bit apprehensive about taking their child to the dentist. It’s a little bit scary, especially if you didn’t have braces when you were a kid. You’re not sure what to expect from braces before and after your child or teen has them. To help you prepare for you and your child’s trip to Jennifer Schau’s dental office, here are some things you need to know before your child gets braces.

What Type of Regular Care Do Braces Require?

When your child is ready to be fitted, Dr. Jennifer Schau will make sure you and your child understand the care that is needed. Your child will need to continue their routine brushing habits to keep food from getting stuck in the braces and their teeth. It’s recommended that they brush more frequently while wearing them. A dental professional at Jennifer Schau, DDS  will show how to floss.

Some Foods Will Need to Be Avoided

There are some foods that can damage your child’s braces so they should be avoided. Chewy candy and hard, sticky candies should not be consumed. They can get stuck on the braces and result in an unplanned visit to our Saginaw dental office for a repair. Corn on the cobb, popcorn, and raw carrots can also cause damage. You’ll be given a full list of taboo foods.

Wax Will Be Your Child’s New Best Friend

Braces often have brackets or wires that feel sharp and uncomfortable inside the mouth. Your orthodontist will provide dental wax that can be balled up and placed on the bothersome area. As your child adjusts to wearing braces, it’s common for them to bite their lips or the inside of their mouths until they get used to them. Wax can help provide some comfort in the meantime.

Expect Some Mild Pain and Discomfort

When your child first gets braces, you may plan soft foods for a few days. Children are unique in the way they tolerate pain some may benefit from taking over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or Tylenol for a few days while they adjust. Talk to Dr. Jennifer Schau about ways to handle your child’s discomfort. If you are not sure that what your child is feeling or experiencing is normal, call the office to find out.

Why are braces for your child necessary?

Kids often need braces to correct common oral issues such as overcrowded, crooked, or overlapping teeth. Sometimes a malocclusion needs to be corrected. If your child’s teeth were damaged in an accident, they lost baby teeth too early, or they sucked their thumb, branches may be necessary to correct jaw and tooth problems. teSometimes, a pediatric dentist recognizes a problem early on and recommends a visit to the orthodontist. It’s important to have your child seen by an orthodontist by about seven years of age. This is when issues start becoming apparent.

How long will your child need to wear braces?

The length of time your child needs to wear braces depends on the problem being corrected. On average, most people wear them for about two years. Most of the time, after they are removed, children still need to wear a retainer. Retainers are mostly worn at night to keep the teeth from returning to their original positions.

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Do you have other questions about your child’s braces? Contact us to discuss your options and whether your child needs braces. Having straight teeth is about more than their appearance. They can help ensure your child has a healthy mouth for their lifetime.