What to do about a Cracked Tooth

dental examA cracked tooth may be a serious problem, but it’s one that is easy to overlook. You might be able to see a large crack, but not always. Most cracks are invisible to the naked eye, and some won’t even show up on an x-ray. And yet, they can lead to some serious issues if they aren’t repaired by your Saginaw, MI dentist. 

Identifying a Cracked Tooth

The best way to know if you have a cracked tooth is to make an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Schau and her Saginaw, MI dental team. If you have localized pain in one part of your mouth that flares when you bite down on something or expose your teeth to something very hot or very cold, you might have a tooth that needs to be repaired. This can be done with bonding, a crown, or a root canal if the damage has gotten particularly severe. 

What Causes a Tooth to Crack?

There are a number of things that can cause a cracked tooth. Forceful trauma to the head or mouth can crack a tooth. You can also accidentally break, chip, or crack a tooth by biting down on a hard piece of candy, a nut, or a piece of ice. If you find yourself grinding your teeth in your sleep, or when you are stressed out, you may be more susceptible to having a cracked tooth.  In any case, you should never wait to have a cracked tooth repaired. Contact Dr. Jennifer Schau to set up an appointment as soon as you suspect that you have a problem.

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If you have a painful tooth, don’t wait until it gets any worse. Call us today and schedule an exam. Catching problems early is essential for making sure they don’t cause secondary, more complicated problems.